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Saturday, February 4, 2006

back into the cave

During my couple of weeks of unemployment, the greatest pressure I exerted on myself was towards getting a job. And that was manageable. Now that I'm back to being employed we're back to status quo and the greatest source of stress is writing and how I'm not doing it, or at least not doing it very well. I've got two completed but mediocre scripts I need to turn into masterpieces because that's what they deserve to be. But I, their creator, am failing them.

It's a lonely, depressing Saturday night with not much human contact. Hopefully to be slightly alleviated by watching the American President. Although it'll probably just depress me when I think about how good a writer Aaron Sorkin is.

Speaking of American presidents, the funnest thing I did this week (among a few other reasonably fun things) was my on the fly attempt, with my roommate, to create a State of the Union drinking game. You know, drink every time he mentions "choice" or "accountability" or whatever. Obviously, "Human animal hybrids" has been a laugh line since Tuesday night, but I don't think anyone has captured that the funniest thing about it was not only the phrase but the delivery, the completely earnest, look them in the eye determination with which the President says most things. Our Commander in Chief is not afraid of the human/animal hybrids and he wants to make sure they know that. I for one, feel better knowing that.

I'm not sure when it's going to stop being awesome.

Human/animal hybrids.

State of the Union party at my place next year. The State of our Union will be STRONG AS STEEL.

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