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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

more on rape

The last time this website had an accidental thematic strand running through several posts, it was Nazis. A year ago it was Nazis, and now it's rape. Tell all your friends about what a delightful website this is!

Last Saturday I saw a play at Chicago's Live Bait Theatre called Extremities, starring my also recently mentioned friend Jared Martzell as a serial rapist who attacks a woman, then is captured and tortured by said woman, raising all sorts of important moral and philisophical questions and whatnot. Jared wanted me to mention it so I am. It's a great production of a pretty good play and it's closing next weekend, so by all means see it if you get the chance, and you have a strong stomach for very visceral drama. The cast, particularly Jared and the young lady playing the protagonist are incredibly, incredibly good. Jared is a wonderful human being, he's a Southern Gentleman in the best sense, and he incarnated a truly monstrous, but not entirely unsympathetic individual here. Really, by all means see it.

The uncomfortable violence of the show reminded me of my own Gods of the Earth, except I found it slightly easier to watch because I wasn't ashamed of having written it.

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