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Sunday, April 30, 2006

all night long

Last night I got to go to the annual pseudo-prom, hosted by a coalition of friends that I am sometimes attached to, the CAEL crew and the Mike Saul Crowd. Thanks to Twinters for being my date, despite your insidious plot to tower over me in the high heels. 5'8 used to be average male height! Average! Why do people keep getting taller? It doesn't make you better people, you know.

It was fun and all, but the DJ sucked compared to last year. Last year they knew their audience: Mid to (increasingly) late twentysomethings attempting to relive their youth. Despite a few token attempts to throw in the cheesy late eighties/early nineties material I was paying for, it was mostly 2003 on sort of stuff. Know, sir, that Britney Spears' "Toxic" does not move me... I did however, have fun when he started playing Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" and I started running up to people and shouting that George Bush doesn't care about black people. On a related note, he *did* play "Livin' On a Prayer" which was my October, 2004 theme song.

In all, it was a grand affair. When a song I liked did play, I jumped very, very high in the air. And it doesn't matter if you're short when you do that.

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Replies: 2 comments

"Dancing With Myself" I think. I'm ashamed to say, hack that I am, I pulled the same trick last year, possibly during the same song. I guess it's just the effect the song has on me...

I had the most fun when you ripped off your sportcoat and we both jumped up and down on it on the middle of the dance floor. What song was that during?

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