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Sunday, May 7, 2006

I'm very funny

People often tell me I'm funny but I don't think they're actually aware of exactly how funny I am.

I'm *seriously* funny. For a period around the Turn of the Millennium, my high school friends and I got really into Balderdash, a board game where you make up your own definitions to words and other players try to guess which definition is correct. Predictably my friends didn't care so much about doing that as making up really funny definitions for words, such as "Fritz's Mom".

Anyway, last night I discovered "Beyond Balderdash", in which you get to make up not only definitions of words, but plots of movies, historical events that happened on certain dates, what initials stand for.

Tom Schorsch and assorted Tom Schorsch friends played it with me. They're all really funny too, but the point of the story is not about them but rather me and how I am funny. How funny they are is largely irrelevant to that point.

Anyway, I learned a lot of things, like how on September 26, 1957, Vice President Richard M. Nixon shot a man in the face. Also NFPI stands for "National Frozen Pizza Institute". One of those is true.

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