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Sunday, June 18, 2006

more plugging and meteorological notes

I'm a big fan of summer. It rules. So nice and green. I just walked around Winnemac Park, a nice little patch of ground around the corner of my apartment. Perhaps later I'll walk around Lincoln Square a bit. Yesterday was even better, walking and driving around downtown Evanston. Perhaps if I'm very good in this life, I will get to spend eternity in downtown Evanston in June.

So Keyhole Theatre has accepted my short play, "The New Models" into their "Built in a Day" festival. Like the Darknight Gallery, it's the kind of thing where the actors and directors go in completely cold the morning of (actually the directors have three days in DK) the show and put the thing together in twelve hours. I'm fond of the concept, but it's even more daring than DK because the directors are almost as cold as the actors and there are *three* performances in one night. Still, my hopes are pretty high that they know what they're doing. I like my play. I think it's okay.

Anyway, that's August 5, 2006 at the St. Josephinum theatre, 7:30, 9, and 10:30, ONE NIGHT ONLY.

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So there we are, my husband and I, sitting at Centennial Park near the dog beach in Evanston having ourselves a little picnic. We finish eating and I think, "Wow, it's so pretty tonight and the fountain's running... we should take a walk." But then I look at David, who is swatting away at insects I can't even see, with a whiny look on his face. "I feel like I'm getting eaten alive, can we go now?" He wanted to go for a drive instead.

Some people just can't appreciate the simple things.

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