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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

a new foothold

So you guys like this blog?

Of course you do, because you're here. Unless you surfed in looking for some random info on the "American Demigods", the framers of the Constitution. Well I have some of that too: Alexander Hamilton's favorite horse was named "Snowflake".

But to the point, what's better than a Rory blog? Why two Rory blogs! That's right, I now regularly write for an all new portion of this globally reaching snare:

It's about advertising. Me and my roommate Reina write about TV ads and how weird they are. So far it's mostly me, because Reina's busy, but hopefully will change.

So go check that one out too.

There's no stopping me now...

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Replies: 3 comments

Did I actually say "me and my roommate" there?


Look, bub, on this site, I'm the one who gets to brazenly insult *you*...



It should be noted that the address of the blog is "," not "," which appears to be either shitty song lyrics or plain old shitty poetry. It should also be noted that my opinion of Rory's writing is such that it took me a while to realize I was reading the wrong thing.

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