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Monday, November 27, 2006

I should be reviewed

Apparently it's been said in some quarters that this website "isn't as good as it used to be". I actually take that as a compliment because it indicates that there was at one point some sort of standard of quality which I'm capable of falling from. This is encouraging.

Saturday night I had my annual "Thank Me" party following Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful event, that involved both songs from Les Mis, and pizza from JB's. And I totally kissed a girl. It was pretty perfect. Except the next morning I woke up with beer instead of blood, which is not generally considered medically sound.

Also over the holiday weekend, I saw Casino Royale, which was, in the words of my Myspace friend Nathan Fillion, "Casino Royawesome".

No one will replace Brosnan in my Generation Y heart, but this new guy's pretty damn good, helps that the movie was better written than most of the last few, totally character driven rather than a bunch of setpieces.

Besides, as my friend Marc said today, there's no shortage of movies in which Brosnan is not technically James Bond but is still totally James Bond.

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Replies: 2 comments

Ulterior motives! No, making out with someone is nice but the main reason is simply conviviality with one's fellows.

The drawback to hosting a party is that you know literally (or almost) everyone there and you want to talk to everyone, thus spreading yourself woefully too thin.

We all know there's no reason to host a party unless you get to make out with someone.

(So...what are all your readers doing for New Year's Eve? Party at my place!)

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