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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

and other questions about the eighties

Whatever happened to Lasertag?

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Replies: 5 comments

Joey was not an honorable individual, regardless of whether Lasertag had rules.

You may in fact have misinterpreted my query, I didn't say I liked or missed it, I was just noting its absence from the general culture. I don't really remember playing it with you, though it's starting to ring a bell. I played "Photon" in high school once I think...

I am in fact, fairly pacifistic...While I fantasize about reducing some people to a bloody pulp (and I'm physically a lot more capable of doing so than I was in grade school) when I've been in fights, with bad people who very much deserve to be hit, I've never quite been able to do it. I always freeze up.

You say that like you enjoyed it, but do you remember when I got it for our 9th X-mas (just before you turned 10)? You hated it. You hated that Joey always killed you and insisted that he didn't play by the rules. I though the only rule was to get the other guy before he got you, so technically, he was playing by the rules. He was just faster than you and it drove you nuts that you were losing to a "rodent." You wanted to play nice, calm Lasertag, where we sat in chairs and aimed at each other real-civilized-like. You were not a fan of running around. You were the perfect example of someone who used their "big boy words" to kill someone. For someone with a good deal of anger and resentment, you were quite a pacifist.

Perhaps things have changed and you've spent a great deal of time at LazerQuest getting your aim on. Of course, now after his stroke and heart transplant, you might be a teensy bit faster than him. Might be. Shall I call a re-match?

Did that sound bitchy? If so, I apologize -- didn't mean it that way.

Happy New Year!

I had a laser tag set when I was a kid. It was pretty cool. But as an only child with very few other kids who lived in my neighborhood, none of which also had a laster tag set, about the best I could do was set up the sensor in another room in the house and see how far away I could shoot it from. Or, I could have target practice just in case I ever got to play against someone. I think I eventually did, once.

They still have something like it. LazerQuest, which is like lasertag, only different. But it's still shooting someone with a laser-gun-thing and hitting specific points on a vest.

Well, given that the universe is expanding and things are moving away from each other at a faster and faster rate, maybe Lasertag got red-shifted into Infraredtag. If this is true, it's still going on -- you just need special goggles to see it.

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