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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Baby we were born to blog

Although I apologize to some for using the term “blog”, my friend and cyberneighbor Marc hates the term, and I certainly don't love it. He's been "blogging" since, I think 1996. Back then we just called them "webpages". Nice and simple eh?

Anyway, yeah, extended absences lately. The technical problems mixed in with loss of momentum, so I don't know if anyone's out there, or really if anyone ever was.

Anyway, my roommate and our stuffed animals and I hosted a great kids themed party last weekend. The Water Wars of 2005 will live in song for ages to come. Theoretically we're having some people over tonight to "polish off" the excess alcohol. Don't know if that will actually happen.

What will actually happen, I'm fairly sure, is the festival of dark and scary plays featuring my script, Gods of the Earth, which will be performed from late September through late October at Chase Park, on the North Side of Chicago. The director of my play (whom I've worked a bit with before) is completely a young Woody Allen and is thus adorable.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

continuing disappointment

My roommate reprimanded me for coming home from my class with the bigshot screenwriter without a movie deal. "Every night you come home without a movie deal!" she exclaimed. On reflection, she is correct. I really need to get moving on this.

Significant observation of the day: Guys who drive jeeps without wearing shirts are awesome.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


So, back in action. Things were kind of screwed up with this website for awhile but now it again has the potential to convey wonders and terrors beyond the scope of mortal imagination. Silence is frustrating, Ive gotten used to being able to instantly communicate my thoughts on this here World Wide Web, and its frustrating when thats taken away. On Thursday, when the London bombings occurred, I wanted to say profound and poetic things about the horror and sadness I was feeling, and about how I firmly believe that terrorism is wrong. Of all the many tragedies of that day, my inability to post on this website shall surely be remembered as one of the greatestAs you can see I made the transition from said horror and sadness to freewheeling giggling with my usual efficiency and speed.

The victory referred to in the last post before the blog went on a technology imposed hiatus was of course, the victory in the Darknight Gallery short play festival, which now seems ages ago but is worthy of recounting: Six short, dark and scary plays were presented in one night (having been culled down from lots of submissions evidently), the audience voted on the top three, which would be awarded the privilege of going on to a full run in the fall. Although I had lots of friends in the crowd, it was a big audience, so it was very gratifying that many strangers must have voted me into the top three. All in all, it was a really great night.

Marred, however, by the fact this full run in the fall they speak of may not actually happen. The theatre in which they were going to perform, is suddenly closing. So theyve got a show and no place to put it, which is never as fun as say, having a place to do it. Maybe my apartment

Im also taking a writing class at the storied Improvolympic. Normally, Im not terribly into writing classes, but this one is being taught by Jeff Griggs, who once taught me in a class focusing on the Improv aspect of Improvolympic, (this class, presumably, represents the Olympic aspect) and Jeffs a fine fellow. Hes also the author of a very good book about the legendary improve guru, Del Close, entitled, appropriately enough, Guru. Hes also writing the script for the film adaptation of the book, to be directed, theoretically, by Harold Ramis. Doesnt get much cooler than that. So if I show him a bit of Activision and he likes it, and he will, because Im unstoppable, he will no doubt sweep me up into the world of cinematic superstardom. Yes, I calculate the odds of that happening as being extremely likely.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

busting loose

Zhayah! Sorry about that extended silence. This website was broken. But Kurt fixed it because Kurt rules.

Friday, July 1, 2005




My job responsibilities have expanded lately. I'm now required to juggle cement blocks in the air all day. How this profits my employers I don't know. I only know it's my place to keep juggling. This is draining and has left me with little energy for this website...long

Party at my place July 23rd.

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